August 2nd, 2017:

A new challenge came to me while at the grocery store. A 1 Liter bottle!!! It took a good bit of stretching before hand to get this in me. My boyfriend had to double fist me as a warm up 😘. After that I took a deep breath, and sat on the bottle. WOW was it a stretch!!! Not like the rubber sex toys which give a little, this thing was HARD and stretched me like never before.

After leaving it in for a while, I pushed it out and gaped bigger than I ever had. 😉 After the bottle, I had to finish the session with one of my 3.75″ plugs. This plug is always TONS of fun. 😍

1 Liter Bottle Insertion Really Stretches Me!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 At 10.56.20 AM

June 19th, 2017:

I’ve been watching some videos of girls playing with the Kong toys so I decided to see if I can handle the Kong XL myself! The bumps stretch me out one by one, by the last bump I’m feeling super stretched. Birthing it was a fun challenge and left my hole gaping and wanting more 😍

Watch my belly move as I get fucked by my big black dildo & inflatable toy. You can really see my insides move! I got so horny from all the play that at the very end I couldn’t resist a relieving orgasm on my bf’s fist ✊🏻

Birthing new dog toy LOL and Yummy Fisting Orgasm 🙇🏼‍♀️🐶👊🏻💦

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 At 10.59.19 PM

May 20th, 2017:

We got some inspiration from our forum to try a sports theme. I loved the idea and my bf and I went to the toy store with some perverted ideas in mind…

There was inspiration everywhere! The foam balls are TOTALLY my favorite. The pressure inside when they expand is more stimulation than I can handle! 😍

💋 Check out my video and let me know what you think 😘


A Fun New Way to Play Sports 🏀⚾️👊🏻

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 At 6.07.25 PM


April 17th, 2017:

Yay! Video ten!

For this big landmark, I’m revealing my new talent… Self-fisting! ? My pussy stretching has been paying off and it came so naturally to fit my whole hand inside myself. I love feeling how loose and wet my pussy is! ✊ 💦

Fisting myself was exciting and fun! But one fist is never enough… My bf is always up for putting both his fists inside to fill me up and satisfy my giant hole. He even punch fists me with both his hands!

Self Fisting Fun with Double Punch Fisting



April 2nd, 2017:

Here I introduce my newest plug… This one is my favorite one to leave in all day under my shorts or skirt. 😛 I also love the giant gape it leaves when I take it out at the end of my stretch.

I got an awesome suggestion in the forum to see how many candles I could fit inside my hole. I found a large cylinder candle to warm up with and then we moved on to inserting the pillar candles one at a time… Watch the video to see just how many I could fit! I was surprised myself! 😈

New Plug Fun & Extreme Candle Play ?? – How Many Can I Fit?


March 10th, 2017:

Squirt-Alert! 💦

This time I’m stretching how deep my pussy is. The apple is huge and I couldn’t believe my boyfriends entire fist could fit inside behind it! I felt so full deep down in the bottom of my big cunt.

Feeling the giant apple pop out made me cum so hard I even squirted! I haven’t ever done that before so here you can watch my first squirt! hehehe…

Fist and Apple Lead to Squirting! 💦 🍎


March 3rd, 2017:

Double fisting is always a fun way to fill my pussy up – I’ve discovered that when my boyfriend slides his fists sideways it makes an even bigger stretch!

Watch how big my gape is now! 😉 You can see inside my entire pussy.

Sideways Double Fisting Progress with Punch Fisting 👊🏻

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.01.45 PM

February 24th, 2017:

Another new object I’ve never had inside before. After a night out with my friends, my boyfriend and I brought a bottle of wine home to finish. We started looking at the bottle differently and before I knew it I was getting fucked with it!

🍾 A Glass of Wine Lead to the Whole Bottle 🍷


February 2nd, 2017:

My boyfriend’s fists slide inside me so smoothly now. Sometimes I get carried away in the fun of it and forget when he could only fit 3 or 4 fingers inside of me! LOL

Now one fist isn’t even enough for my big pussy to cum on – I like at least two.

Punch Fisting and Cumming with two Fists ✊💖✊💖


January 19th, 2017:

The inflatable plug is my favorite. I love feeling every pump filling my pussy more and more until it gets so tight I feel like it’s going to burst!

Even though the inflatable plug is my favorite, soon it’s time for an upgrade. My boyfriend pulls out the blue plugs and I know it’s time to really stretch. It’s a little scary at first because they are so huge but once it’s inside of me… There’s no way to describe how great the fullness feels.

Then I spend the rest of the day with the black plug inside of me – No one knows it’s inside me! (except us 😈)

Plugs, Plugs, and more Plugs!


January 1st, 2017:

This time I wanted to fool around with some of our favorite beverages. I can really be a pervert when I’m shopping lol

I was actually pretty surprised that I could fuck myself so easily with the Smart Water hehe… I guess my stretching has paid off!

I think you can probably guess that the POM bottle is my favorite! The stretch on my pussy felt too good! Perhaps in the future I can get the third “bump” in?

Trying to Quench my Thirst for Stretching ☺️


December 2nd, 2016:

This was super fun. I love my toy collection and here you get to see most of it. We are always adding bigger and bigger toys.

The newest one is the clear plug… At 7:20. The only way it would fit was after some warming up with two fists! This was the first time I actually got it all the way in and it was sooooo exhilarating. That stretch and the fullness was amazing.

My pussy pushed it out after just a moment so more stretching must be done so I can stay that full for even longer 😉

Double Fisting, Huge Gape, and Massive Dildo Play

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.00.55 PM

November 23rd, 2016:

First Video!

At the grocery store I got pretty distracted in the produce department… I have always wondered what an eggplant would feel like inside.

We started warming up with my red dildo of course… then moved up to 3 inch big blackie. Then some fisting to really get me wet. After that, the eggplant was a easy peasy! It felt so smooth and a little bit cold inside of me – I loved it! My first eggplant 🙂

I got lost in the feeling and enjoyed fucking myself with the eggplant. I loved pushing it all the way in and then pushing it out with my pussy muscles lol

I bought other veggies to play with too but I am saving those for other videos which will be released soon.

Pussy filled with eggplant, dildos, and both Fists 🙂